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UAV Drone Operations in the UK & EU

UAV Drone Operations in the UK and EU

Cine-drone are aerial media experts, offering proficiency in a range of UAV drone operations.

Our expertise in aerial media and filming, together with our first class fleet of UAV drones, allows us to provide exceptionally high quality content for a very reasonable price.

Recent legislation changes to drone operations have demanded higher standards of ability, risk assessment and safety and cine-drone is qualified for operational authorisation from the CAA (civil aviation authority) under the latest GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) as well as A2 open category for flight operations. Additionally, subsequent to the UK leaving the EU, we are now approved by EASA for drone operations across the European Union.

We conduct robust, safe and effective flying operations throughout the UK and Europe. our years of experience in FPV (first person view) flight puts our technical expertise a cut above the rest.

We maintain a wide and adaptive fleet of UAV drones suitable for professional video capture upto 8K in quality. we have a range of drones that allows us to film innovatively both outdoors and indoors. we continually invest in first class technology, from manufacturers such as Autel, Black Magic and Z-Cam.

Amongst the drone fleet and equipment is:


  • a range of 3in to 16in “first person view” quadcopters complete with a variety of filming capabilities such as GoPro, 8k Z-Cam and 360 degree camera
  • DJI Mavic Cine V3 drones, capable of producing a range of high quality aerial videography and topographical surveys
  • DJI Avata drones, small ducted propeller drones capable of high quality output, live feed yet small and versatile