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Live Events Drone Filming in UK & EU

Why choose cine-drone to film your live event?

  • Experienced pilot and editor: if you’re looking for a streamlined workflow and someone who understands both the filming and editing process.
  • Focus on cinematic FPV: FPV (First Person View) specialist, to capture those dynamic, immersive shots that follow the action. This can be a great way to add excitement and energy to your live event footage.
  • Variety of drones: We can choose the right equipment for your specific event, whether you need a large, stable platform for long, sweeping shots or a smaller, more agile drone for tight spaces.
  • Editing capabilities: We offer editing services in addition to filming, so you can potentially get a finished product from a single source.

Sam Fender Live Concert

Nub Sound | Newcastle


Drone pilot  with live on stage FPV flight. Live HD feed to iMag screens and programmed part of the show.

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