Professional digital video editing & post-production

An exciting and unique advantage to cine-drone is our high quality professional digital video editing and post-production capability.

We value cost effective yet creative and above all else, professional digital content.

You can be assured of professional digital video editing & post-production, on budget and on deadline.

I am proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro and Black Magic DaVinci Resolve, both industry leading editing software, used by the very best digital production professionals the world over.

My qualifications and years of experience in these softwares, allows me to harness its creative tools to produce exciting, professional and cutting edge content.

I am experienced in video production and editing, colour correction, special effects and audio post production.

This blend of skills allows us to take footage to a whole new level, with in-house “end to end” creation, edit and production.

Our innate and experienced understanding of how to create exciting and informative aerial media footage blends expertly with our post-production expertise.